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Nature's Emporium Run for Southlake

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Rehab Raiders



2022 Nature's Emporium Run for Southlake

Rehab Raiders

“Rehabilitation” –defined as both art and science.

About Bahen Rehabilitation Program:

A diverse group of highly qualified health care professionals provide rehabilitation services to patients at Southlake on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Programs and Services offered include:

-           Children’s Treatment Network

-           Hand Therapy

-           Occupational Therapy

-           Physiotherapy

-           Recreation Therapy

-           Speech and Language Therapy

Our Story:

2011 marked our first year entering a hospital team within the Run for Southlake. What began as casual lunch conversation lead to the creation of the infamous “Rehab Raiders”. As a team we have raised >$5,000 for our hospital. 

After a two year hiatus associated with the pandemic, we're thankful we can participate in the race event and raise even more funds.

Our Goals:

First and foremost, to support Southlake. Second, to promote health and wellness within the department. Third, to have FUN!

Please join us in supporting our hospital, Southlake Regional Health Centre!

Our team is participating in the Nature’s Emporium Run for Southlake to raise vital funds for patient care.

Now, more than ever, our hospital needs our help to make sure that every patient gets the care they deserve, when they need it most. Did you know the government does not provide funding for most new or replacement hospital tools and equipment? Everything from basic tools like beds and IV poles to state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic equipment is funded entirely through community support.

We’re fundraising because we want to make sure that our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours can depend on Southlake for the best possible care close to home.

Help us reach our team fundraising goal by donating today!

Thank you!

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Our sponsors enable our events to happen, and lead the way for community support of our hospital. That's why we’re so pleased to welcome back Nature’s Emporium as the Title Sponsor for the Nature's Emporium Run for Southlake. Your years of generous support have made it possible for Southlake to provide leading edge care close to home for hundreds of thousands of patients every year. CLICK HERE to learn more about Nature’s Emporium.